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Possible error in the the help file #287

talha131 opened this Issue Sep 24, 2012 · 1 comment

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The help file says this about status line

CtrlPMode1 : 'prt' or 'win', also for 'regex' (Character)
CtrlPMode2 : 'file' or 'path', also for the local working dir (|hl-LineNr|)

Now when I used

hi CtrlPMode1 guifg=blue guibg=green
hi CtrlPMode2 guifg=red guibg=yellow

The working dir, prt/win gets red and yellow colors. And file/path gets blue and green color.

I think the help file has got the description swapped. It should read

CtrlPMode1 : 'file' or 'path'
CtrlPMode2 : 'prt' or 'win', also for the local working dir (|hl-LineNr|), also for 'regex' (Character)

kien commented Sep 24, 2012

They are indeed swapped. I'll correct it. Thanks!

@kien kien added a commit that closed this issue Sep 28, 2012
@kien Correct a highlighting description
Closes #287
@kien kien closed this in be5842a Sep 28, 2012
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