Problem resizing windows when quickfix is displayed #302

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When :CtrlP command is executed it seems to change the size of windows
displayed as horizontal splits, but when it ends it restores the size of all
windows, which is very pleasant.

But this doesn't happens when quick fix window is open, so after :CtrlP ends
the windows in current tab are changed in an amount proportional to quicfix
window heigth.

I've tested this with CtrlP as the only plugin and a very reduced .vimrc.

Any ideas?


I can't reproduce this. I tried with having a few horizontal splits and a quickfix window at the bottom. The present of the quickfix window doesn't seem to make any difference.

Can you provide the reduced .vimrc and take some screenshots before and after opening ctrlp?


I've reduced the .vimrc to an empty file and the problem still occurs. The empty .vimrc is needed at $HOME so Vim defaults to 'nocompatible'.


This was tested only on gVim on ms-windows, maybe it just happens on this OS.


Thank you! It seems that the problem lies with Vim being unable to correctly restore the window layout from the output of winrestcmd(), in the case where there's a window with set winfixheight and it's crushed by a :resize command run on a new window.

I've pushed a workaround. Let me know if you find any problem.

@kien kien closed this Oct 24, 2012

It works like a charm.
Thanks you for correcting it so fast, and for sharing this amazing plugin!

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