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Q: highlight matched chars when matched type is 'line' #431

tacahiroy opened this Issue Jun 26, 2013 · 4 comments

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Thanks for a great plugin.

This is just a question (and request, actually).
Currently, ctrlp.vim does highlight matched chars when its extension type is 'path'.

Why does the feature work only with 'path' type extension?
I think it's not a problem ctrlp.vim highlight matched chars if an extension type is not 'path'.

What do you think about it?

kien commented Jun 26, 2013

It's because it's rather complicated to make the highlighting always work perfectly for the non-path types. So for now only 'path' is supported.


ah - I see.
Do you have a plan for implementing highlight feature for other types?

BTW, I've been writing a ctrlp.vim extension called ctrlp-funky and it's matching type is line.
I would like to enable highlight feature on it if possible.
I can do it just change matching type to path, however, I guess it affects widely.

It's NOT a good idea to enable highlight feature, isn't it?
Could you gimme any ideas please :)

kien commented Jun 29, 2013

Yes, it's on my todo list for ctrlp. I'll definitely implement it, once things are figured out.


hope this thread is not buried yet. is this feature scheduled to be done any soon? Thanks,

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