Slightly more powerful abbreviation support #459

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frioux commented Aug 6, 2013

I used FuzzyFinder for a long time but it is more or less dead and has some pretty major bugs. ctrlp has handily replaced it.

The only problem is that if I want to type an abbreviation in ctrlp (lib: for example) and have it exclusively search in a dir (or set of dirs) I must switch to regex mode, so that in my example lib: expands to ^lib/. The best solution, in my mind, would be a way to use a regex as a filter, but still use the same FuzzyFind interface. This would actually allow one to solve #362, as it could (in kindav a gross way) be implemented with a regex filter.

What do you think?

kdurant commented Aug 16, 2013

Now there is a lot of issues needed to enchance, but ctrlp was not updated for a long time

frioux commented Aug 16, 2013

lol, a long time is less than three weeks?

kdurant commented Aug 16, 2013

Sorry my native language is not English.

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