Support plugin specific matchers #497

esneider opened this Issue Oct 25, 2013 · 5 comments


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I'm developing a ctrlp plugin and cannot figure out a way to define a matcher without using the g:ctrlp_match_func

kien commented Oct 25, 2013

Yes, matching is plugin-wide so you can't define a matcher for a specific mode or extension. But it does sound like something good to have.


I am also interested in this features, so do you feel like accepting patches to allow a custom matcher from an extension?

d11wtq commented Aug 9, 2014

@antognolli if you send a PR, send it to which is actively maintained, since @kien appears to have vanished for a year or so now.


All right, I'll give it a try and as soon as I have something working, I'll publish something there. Thank you.

d11wtq commented Aug 9, 2014

👍 :octocat:

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