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How can I manually set ctrlp's directory to search on a per project basis? #526

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At work I have a "work-code" folder in my home directory. Within that directory there are about five git repositories that are all related. I love how ctrlp travels the directory tree until it finds a .git folder to use as reference. However, in this case I want ctrlp to jump up one directory to "work-code" and search all five of my repositories.

I know that can disable ctrlp's feature to traverse the directory tree looking for .git but I don't want to disable it. I just want to manually specify the ctrlp directory but only in those five projects. Is there a way to tell ctrlp what base directory to use on a per project basis?


It would be cool if I could do something simple like drop a .ctrlp file in a project's directory with some simple config stuff in it, like the root directory to use. If that was an option then I could put a .ctrlp file in ~/work-code/project1/.ctrlp and inside that file manually set the root directory to ~/work-code/.


If you set let g:ctrlp_working_path_mode = 0 it will use the directory you started vim in to search out of. So what I do is just start vim from my root directory with vim ., and then use ctrlp to open the file(s) I want to edit.


Interesting. Not quite the ideal solution I was hoping for but I appreciate the reply :)

I've just gone ahead with this for now:

noremap <C-a> :CtrlP ~/work-code/<CR>

So I can do ctrl-a when I want to search all my work code.

I just think it would be so cool to be able to drop .ctrlp files in any directory and add it to list of files/folders to look for when it's traversing up the directory tree. If it finds the file and it's empty then it just uses it as a root marker like it already does. However, if it finds settings inside then it should apply those settings. One of those settings being something like

let g:ctrlp_root_directory = "../"

In my setup this would tell ctrlp to go up one more directory (to my work-code directory).


You'll probably have more freedom using a local .vimrc for the project, and put the settings there. If you don't want to do that, a simple mapping to :CtrlP ../ should be suffice, I think.

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