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performance - ctrlp is being slow #529

korovkin opened this Issue · 2 comments

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i have a pretty large project with 100k files:

find . -type f | wc -l

when i use ctrl+p, it take a while to list the files which is expected.
but, when it's done listing, it works well as long as i type in only 4-5 letters...

Search strings that are longer, usually stall the UI for 3-5 seconds each...
what am i missing here?

i am on a brand new macbook pro with an ssd drive - top notch hw ;)


It's just Vimscript being slow when the list is too large. You'll have to employ an external matcher with g:ctrlp_match_func, preferably written in a faster language. Nothing else really helps.

@kien kien closed this

thanks for the tip!

i ended up doing this:
(I am not interested in the fuzzy finger, just grepping will do)

let g:ctrlp_match_func = { 'match': 'GrepMatch' }

function! GrepMatch(items, str, limit, mmode, ispath, crfile, regex)
let query = a:str
if query == ""
let query = "."

let cachefile = '.files'
if !filereadable(cachefile)
let files = split(system('find . -type f -name *.c -o -name *.m -o -name *.h -o -name *.mm -o -name *.cpp -o -name *.hh -o -name *.py -o -name *.java -o -name *.json -o -name *.plist -o -name *.rb -o -name *.pbxproj', "\n"))
call writefile(files, cachefile)

let cmd = 'cat .files | grep -i '
let cmd = cmd.query." | head -n 100"
echo cmd
return split(system(cmd), "\n")

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