Open in buffer mode by default #57

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It would be nice if the standard command could be open in buffer (or any other) mode by default. Right now, this behavior can be achieved by binding some other key to the default CtrlP command, and then binding to CtrlPBuffer. But this is wasteful if the first mode is never used. An option like 'g:ctrlp_default_open_mode' would be great.

@kien kien added a commit that closed this issue Dec 18, 2011
@kien Custom ignore and default command options
* Extend jump-to-open-buffer to use <c-t> when jump_to_buffer = 2.
  Only works for buffers opened in another tab.  Suggested by @hail2u.
* Add g:ctrlp_default_cmd, option to reuse the default mapping for a
  different command.  Close #57.
* Add g:ctrlp_custom_ignore.  Close #58.
@kien kien closed this in 64dca5e Dec 18, 2011

Added. The new option is g:ctrlp_cmd.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Fantastic! Appreciate it. And thanks for a great plugin!

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