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I can't help but notice there haven't been any commits for approaching 12 months now, nor has there been any response to pull requests for a considerable amount of time. I understand that open source projects take their toll at times and it's difficult to garner enough motivation to work on them (I've been there myself and handed over popular projects to new maintainers). In the interest of keeping ctrlp.vim moving forward, would you be interested in passing it over to a new maintainer, or at least adding a collaborator with commit access to this repository and retain the ownership yourself?

Not particularly putting myself forward to do this (although I'd be happy to). I just thought somebody should start the conversation as ctrlp.vim has a huge user-base and I'm sure there's community interest in keeping the project active.




Why not just fork it?


@diegoviola because I'd like to hear from the (very respected) author before doing something like that. There's no reason we need to start diverging if we can keep the original project alive. Of course, if this project has stagnated and isn't coming back, forking would be the way to go. IMHO it is polite to discuss with @kien in any case. It's his hard work after all.


I agree, this project is in desperate need of some love... if @kien is unable to maintain it (which is totally OK), there should be a way to pass the responsibility to someone else. Creating a GitHub organization would be better than just appointing a new maintainer in that case, so people can come and go, or even share responsibility...






@d11wtq If you take a look at their profile, there hasn't been any activity for the past 12 months. I doubt @kien would reply. :/


Yes, all evidence points to this conclusion, but it's always good to do your due diligence in those matters. It's been 20 days, though, so I think @d11wtq can start creating a new Github org + CtrlP fork and declare it as the new official repo. If @kien comes back out of the blue, it will always be possible to merge things back.


Okay, LGTM. 👍


@mattn do you know @kien? You've been a fairly visible contributor to this project. Any thoughts?


If I start a new org, I'd want three or four contributors involved (preferably people who've either got outstanding PRs on ctrlp, or people who've got commits already in the codebase).


Tentatively: -- I'll give it a couple of days for @mattn to chime in, then I'll start working through PRs from here and merging them or replying to them. I would really like some developers to raise their hands if they are willing to help out too. Really a lot of the work will just be reviewing PRs, ideally with two required LGTM's before a merge can be done.


Hmm, @kien seems not actively. I don't mind to work for ctrlp.vim if someone want to use ctrlp.vim. But I want to hear him that he want that ctrlp.vim will be doing maintenance by other hands.


Yeah, I'm a bit concerned by the sudden absence actually. I hope everything is ok.


I'm concerned as well...


+1 :)


am willing to contribute ctrlp.vim, am not an expert of ctrlp.vim though.
hope he's okay.


Ok, I think we can consider the new official repo. Anybody who has an outstanding PR they want reviewing and merging, please re-submit it over there. I'll go through PRs here when I get a moment too.

@tacahiroy I had a look at your GitHub profile and I've invited you to the organization, thanks heaps! 👍


@d11wtq kudos for taking the lead on this!

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Asynchronous, non-blocking matching #9


Creepy the author has just vanished. Surprised to see over a year of inactivity when I checked from what was a very active plugin before.

Cheers for the fork, but with that said I'm gonna give a go which is perhaps the way the wind is blowing.


@gaving probaly, you don't know how ctrlp is conservative plugin. This is one of reason that I use ctrlp and reason of that I don't use unite.vim .

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@phansch phansch Use active fork of ctrlpvim
Also see kien/ctrlp.vim#591 for discussion of
the inactivity in the original project
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@timc3 timc3 Updating to change the repo used for ctrlp
Kein seems to have disappeared and the ctrlp.vim project from him has stagnated. There is an active fork under  as a result of issue 591 ( kien/ctrlp.vim#591 ). I propose switching to that instead.
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