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jceb commented Jan 11, 2014

This adds the ability to mark all files instead of just a single file. I'm not so sure about the mapping - I didn't find any appropriate key binding that would work / was free.

kien commented Jan 12, 2014

I believe this feature already exists. You can press <c-o>a to mark all files in the match window.

@kien kien closed this Jan 13, 2014
jceb commented Jan 14, 2014

Is there also a way to unmark all marked files?

kien commented Jan 14, 2014

Yes, <c-o>c.

jceb commented Jan 15, 2014

Hm, how does it work with unmarking the files? Once I marked all files using 'a' and try to press 'c', all files get opened upon typing ''.

kien commented Jan 15, 2014

Sorry I forgot, g:ctrlp_arg_map needs to be set as well to enable the additional choices.

jceb commented Jan 18, 2014

Thanks, now it works better. The following two issues I found:

  • once I selected all files with C-oa, C-z should deselect the entry the cursor is on, which it does. Additionally it toggles the markers' column what seems to be a bug
  • it's not possible to run C-oa once some file has been selected. This makes it difficult to quickly select different sets of files in one Ctrlp run
kien commented Jan 18, 2014

Can you clarify point 1? What seems to be a bug? Toggle the marking is what <c-z> is supposed to do.

As for point 2, it's a good point. I'll look into adding it. I didn't think anyone would use <c-o>a all that much so it's still rather basic.

jceb commented Feb 12, 2014

Point 1:

  1. I type C-oa to select all files
    1.1. the column displaying the selected files is now visible
  2. I type C-z to deselect one file
    2.1. the column displaying the selected files is not visible anymore. It looks like there are no files selected at all, although this is not true. The files I selected in step 1, are still selected.

IMHO, what should happen in step 2.1 is that

  1. the current file gets deselected (this is already the case)
  2. the column displaying the selected files should only disappear when no file is selected anymore (not implement, yet)

I hope this makes it more clear.

kien commented Feb 13, 2014

2.1 doesn't happen to me. The markings are just Vim's signs.

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