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tabman.vim - Tab management for Vim

This plugin provides a convenient way to navigate between tabs and the windows they contain. Features include (but not limited to) jumping to a specific window opened in another tab; closing tabs, buffers or windows anywhere without switching to them.




  • Press <leader>mt or run :TMToggle to toggle TabMan.
  • Press <leader>mf or run :TMFocus to give focus to/open the TabMan window.


  • Change the default mappings:

    let g:tabman_toggle = '<leader>mt'
    let g:tabman_focus  = '<leader>mf'
  • Change the width of the TabMan window:

    let g:tabman_width = 25
  • And the position:

    let g:tabman_side = 'left'
  • Set this to 1 to show windows created by plugins, help and quickfix:

    let g:tabman_specials = 0
  • Set this to 0 to disable line numbering in the TabMan window:

    let g:tabman_number = 1

Once TabMan’s opened, press ? for help on extra keymaps.