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HackerRank is new fun site was introduced in Hacker News today

This site allow user play a turn base "pick candies" game.

  1. You can start with any number of candies. (currently, a valided candies is from 6-2048)
  2. You and computer altenate turn
  3. You the first one play
  4. Each turn, you and computer can pick 1-5 candies
  5. Whe winner is the one get last candies

The algorithm is quite clear:

  1. With any number N which N % 6 != 0, you always have strategy to will by pick N % 6 candies
  2. If you start with N which N % 6 == 0, you always lose (because computer apply 1st algorith with you)

I wrote this program by python to make a funny bot play with hacker rank 's game


Dont need to care about the answer of scientists The encrypted string is Caesar Cipher: It means a string "abc" => "xyz" where x - a = y - b = z - c = d This challenge is to find d. Remember that the encrypted string represents number, so i brute force to find out the correct answer

Bot using requests library to make HttpRequest

Happy hacking :-)

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