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Kien's side projects

Side projects are used for learning purposes. I'm sharing what I've learned while working on these projects that solve my own need. All projects listed here are open source, MIT license.

You should have your own side projects that solve your own need too! Don't worry about other people stealing your great ideas :)

Alexa Skills

name elevator pitch live demo
EatMe Alex skill to find random restaurant near you YouTube demo
Google Analytics Alex skill to check your GA stats in-dev
Family Fued Alex skill game to play family fued in-dev
Should I Carwash Should I wash my car now? Yes / No because of weather info in-dev


name elevator pitch live demo
tshirt_bot Send t-shirt to open source contributors of your project demo
os_bot Sign agreement before contributing to your open source project demo
slash_creds Slackbot slash command to PM me the credentials in-dev
nsfw_bot NSFW gif / link / video in-dev
auto_os_maintainer Automatically add OS contributor to your repo when PR merged in-dev
signup_bot Bot to create new accounts for targeted sites in-dev
cloud_trail_bot Slack bot to post events from AWS CloudTrail in-dev

Mobile App

name elevator pitch live demo
newpal Meet random local stranger demo

Browser Extensions

name elevator pitch live demo
time_wasted Chrome extension to track how much time wasted on Social Networking Sites demo
medium-highlight-off Turn off Medium.com right click highlight popup demo

Alert / Notification

name elevator pitch live demo
weekly-email-summary Summarize all Hacker News / Reddit top post demo
alert_api Non-tech people just wanted a simple BI tool that alert (email / sms / slack) them when 1 of their metric is bad

Desktop App

name elevator pitch live demo
UTClock Display UTC timestamp next to Mac OS X time demo
please_stand_up macOS / Windows app to tell you to standup every 30 minutes demo
txt-todo Super SIMPLE text file todo demo


name elevator pitch live demo
gcj_analytics Google Code Jam Analytics demo
wipe_my_facebook Deep clean your Facebook profiles
roadtrip_planning Give me basic info such as: weather, address, time restaurant close, driving distance
html_to_angular Convert html5up.net templates to AngularJS 2.0
html_to_react Convert html5up.net templates to React
easy_contact_form Works similar like https://github.com/formspree/formspree but using AWS Lambda
pr_monster 1 click to share your PR news in lots of site
got_let_go Announce to your network that you got let go so someone can help you asap
linkedin_scanner Scan for profile changes, status update, who just got let go?
firehose-mock Mock out AWS Kinesis Firehose in Nodejs for testing, similar to: https://github.com/mhart/kinesalite
8341 Property Management Platform demo
career_day Take people to visit tech offices and have on-site pairing / interview
mvp_4_startup Non-tech co-founder needed some team to build out their initial MVP demo
rao_vat Craiglist / Facebook Group for Vietnamese buying / selling stuffs locally
tour Take people on tour to cool destinations
raspberry_pie I got one, I need to do something with it
weekend_cash Let's make some quick cash legally over weekend / part time
emergency_fund Allow people to easily save up to 3-6 months' income
evelope_cash Save cash in evelope but online
localhost_api Run a local / internal api for home automation demo
lunch_playlist Give me something short to watch while eating lunch demo
aws_experts Call and talk to an AWS expert demo
postgres_admin ui to query PostgreSQL
aws_certs app to watch aws videos to train for certs
video_2_podcast listen to video
nails_on_demand Uber for nail services at home
massage_on_demand Uber for massage services at home
gc_4_all Gift card solution for small business
license_plate Google Street Map for License Plate
nuna_crm CRM for small business
1_log_analysis Parse 1 single log file and analyze it