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.config/karabiner Setting the hyper key to switch between apps. Jul 24, 2019
.ctags.d Upgrading exuberant-ctags to universal-ctags. Jul 20, 2018
.docker Using Wormhole login for Toolshed repo. Mar 3, 2019
.hammerspoon Setting the hyper key to switch between apps. Jul 24, 2019
.tmux/theme Fix challenger deep tmux theme. May 12, 2019
.um Adding um for grep command. Mar 9, 2019
.vim Adding nodes and edges to python shortcuts. May 14, 2019
images Updating Oct 4, 2018
.Brewfile Use iTerm2 mainline—3.3 stable is released. Aug 1, 2019
.asdfrc Adding asdfrc to the dotfiles. Aug 3, 2018
.gitconfig Adding rebase autosquash. Mar 28, 2019
.gitignore-global Ignoring __pycache__. Feb 21, 2019
.tmux.conf Fixing c-a prefix. Feb 21, 2019
.tool-versions Specifying path for .tool-versions to fix random hanging Node process. Feb 21, 2019
.vimrc Add shortcuts for sideways. Jul 10, 2019
.zshrc Removing reference to luarocks as it is no longer used. Apr 26, 2019
firefox.json Make Firefox trust certificates in Keychain. Feb 21, 2019 Replace Mjolnir with Hammerspoon. Apr 22, 2019 Using light mode for OSX, and getting rid of MRU in dock. Feb 21, 2019
utilities.zsh Adding alias for aws-shell. May 19, 2019



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