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(ns clojure-tensorflow-interop.helpers
(:refer-clojure :exclude [get + * -])
(:require [clojure-tensorflow-interop.utils
:as utils :refer [tensor->clj clj->tensor]])
(:import [org.tensorflow
(def default-graph (new Graph))
;; We need some stateful code to make this work like classic tf you
;; don't have to use it in this way though; and there are plenty of
;; benefits to writing in a more functional style.
(def global-variables (atom []))
(defn global-variables-initializer []
(defn session
"Create a session"
([graph] (new Session graph))
([] (session default-graph)))
(defn op-builder
"Returns a function which creates an operation for the graph"
([op-profile] (op-builder op-profile default-graph))
([op-profile graph]
(let [{:keys [operation node-name attrs inputs]
:or {node-name (str (gensym operation)) attrs {} inputs []}
} op-profile]
((fn [graph]
(utils/thread graph
[#(.opBuilder % operation node-name)
;; set attributes if any
(fn [attr]
#(.setAttr % (name (first attr)) (second attr)))
;; add inputs if any
(map (fn [input]
#(.addInput %
(if (fn? input) (input graph) input)
)) inputs)
#(.build %)
#(.output % 0)]))) graph))))
(defn constant [val]
(let [tensor (clj->tensor val)]
{:operation "Const"
:attrs {:dtype (.dataType tensor)
:value tensor
(defn assign [var val]
{:operation "Assign"
:inputs [var (if (utils/tf-obj? val) val (constant val))]
(defn variable
([val] (variable val {}))
([val bits]
(let [tensor (clj->tensor val)
var (op-builder
{:operation "Variable"
:attrs {:shape (utils/tensor->shape tensor)
:dtype (.dataType tensor)}
} bits))]
(swap! global-variables conj (assign var val))
(defn placeholder [datatype]
{:operation "Placeholder"
:attrs {:dtype datatype}
(defn get [val]
#(let [tensor (clj->tensor val)]
{:operation "get"
:input [val]
}) %)))
(defn mult [a b]
{:operation "Mul"
:inputs [a b]}))
(defn div [a b]
{:operation "Div"
:inputs [a b]}))
(defn add [a b]
{:operation "Add"
:inputs [a b]}))
(defn sub [a b]
{:operation "Sub"
:inputs [a b]}))
(defn sum
([t] (sum t (constant 0)))
([t dims]
{:operation "Sum"
:inputs [t dims]})))
(defn tanh [a]
{:operation "Tanh"
:inputs [a]}))
(defn sigmoid [a]
{:operation "Sigmoid"
:inputs [a]}))
(defn pow [a b]
{:operation "Pow"
:inputs [a b]}))
(defn size [a]
{:operation "Size"
:inputs [a]}))
(defn abs [a]
{:operation "Abs"
:inputs [a]}))
(defn mean [a]
{:operation "Mean"
:inputs [a (constant 0)]}))
(defn transpose [a]
{:operation "Transpose"
:inputs [a (constant [1 0])]}))
(defn matmul [a b]
{:operation "MatMul"
:inputs [a b]}))
;; alias
(def dot matmul)
(defn n-args
"This function takes a two argument operation like mult and add and
returns a version which can take 2 -> infinity arguments like normal
clojure functions.
TODO: Still causes stackoverflow for many args"
(fn [& args] (reduce func args)))
(def * (n-args mult))
(def + (n-args add))
(def - (n-args sub))
(defn feed
"Feed value to placeholder
Pass a map of locations to values"
([runner feed-map]
(map (fn [[key val]]
#(.feed % key val)) feed-map))))
(defn run
[runner op]
(.run (.fetch runner op)))
(defn op-run
"Call session runner on single op.
Returns tensor object"
([op] (op-run default-graph op))
([graph op] (op-run graph (Session. graph) op {}))
([graph session op] (op-run graph session op {}))
([graph session op feed-map]
(-> session
(feed feed-map)
(.fetch (.name (.op (if (fn? op) (op graph) op))))
(.get 0)
(defn session-run
"Run list of ops, return last"
([ops] (session-run default-graph ops))
([graph ops] (session-run graph (Session. graph) ops))
([graph session ops]
(let [ops (flatten ops)
op-run (partial op-run graph session)]
;; initialise global variables
(map op-run @global-variables)
;; run first n ops to set up state
(doseq [op (butlast ops)]
(op-run op))
;; run final op and return value
(op-run (last ops))))))
(defn with-session [& ops]
(session-run ops))