Data Access Library to access a CouchDB server with PHP.
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PHP On Couch try to provide an easy way to work with your CouchDB documents with PHP. Some code first :

require_once 'couch.php';
require_once 'couchClient.php';
require_once 'couchDocument.php';

// set a new connector to the CouchDB server
$client = new couchClient ('','my_database');

// document fetching by ID
$doc = $client->getDoc('some_doc_id');
// updating document
$doc->newproperty = array("hello !","world");
try {
} catch (Exception $e) {
   echo "Document storage failed : ".$e->getMessage()."<BR>\n";

// view fetching, using the view option limit
try {
   $view = $client->limit(100)->getView('orders','by-date');
} catch (Exception $e) {
   echo "something weird happened: ".$e->getMessage()."<BR>\n";

//using couch_document class :
$doc = new couchDocument($client);
$doc->set( array('_id'=>'JohnSmith','name'=>'Smith','firstname'=>'John') ); //create a document and store it in the database
echo $doc->name ; // should echo "Smith"
$doc->name = "Brown"; // set document property "name" to "Brown" and store the updated document in the database


This library got four main classes, and a custom Exception class.

couch class

This is the most basic of the three classes, and is responsible for the low level dialog between PHP and the CouchDB server. There should be no need of using it directly.

couchClient class

This class maps all the actions the application can do on the CouchDB server. Documentation is split in three main topics :

database stuff

list databases, create and delete a database, retrieve database informations, test whether a databse exists, get uuids, get databases changes

document stuff

fetching and storing documents, copy a document, store and delete document attachments, getting all documents

view stuff

calling a view with query options : key, startkey, endkey, limit, stale, ...

couchDocument class

Easing the manipulation of documents, the couchDocument class uses PHP magic getters and setters.

couchReplicator class

A dedicated class to manage replications over different instances of CouchDB databases.

couchAdmin class

A class to manage users and database/users associations

Quick-start guide

  1. copy couch.php, couchClient.php and couchDocument.php somewhere on your disk

  2. Include those files whenever you need to access CouchDB server :

     require_once "couch.php";
     require_once "couchClient.php";
     require_once "couchDocument.php";

If you need to use replication features, also include the couchReplicator definition :

    require_once "couchReplicator.php";
  1. Create a client object. You have to tell it the Data source name (dsn) of your CouchDB server, as well as the name of the database you want to work on. The DSN is the URL of your CouchDB server, for example http://localhost:5984.

     $client = new couchClient($couchdb_server_dsn, $couchdb_database_name);
  2. Use it !

     try {
     } catch (Exception $e) {
         echo "Unable to create database : ".$e->getMessage();
     $doc = new couchDocument($client);
     $doc->set( array('_id'=>'some_doc_id', 'type'=>'story','title'=>"First story") );
     $view = $client->limit(10)->descending(TRUE)->getView('some_design_doc','viewname');


Don't hesitate to submit feedback, bugs and feature requests ! My contact address is mickael dot bailly at free dot fr


Database API

Document API

View API

couchDocument API

couchReplicator API

couchAdmin API