Command line site URL administration tool for WordPress
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NOTE: This is still in testing please use with extreme caution!

Welcome to wpurl

wpurl is a command line tool for updating the WordPress site URL.

Version: 0.1

Getting Started

  1. Grab yourself a copy of wpurl:

    git clone

  2. Make wpurl executable:

    chmod u+x /path/to/wpurl/wpurl

  3. Make your life easier:

    ln -s /path/to/wpurl/wpurl /usr/local/bin/wpurl OR add the folder that contains wpurl to your PATH.


cd /path/to/wordpress/docroot/

Checking the current site URL:

$ wpurl

Change the current site URL:

$ wpurl

Change the current site URL if you have customised your wp-config.php:

$ wpurl --dbname=example_db --dbuser=example_user --dbpassword=letmein --dbhost=localhost --tableprefix=wp_


GNU General Public License

Credits and Thanks

Developed by Kieran Masterton and Jon Reeks at 88MPH -

Credit must go to the developers of drush the Drupal command line tool for their shell wrapper we modified for use with wpurl -