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FTP Upload in Windows 8 Store Apps / Windows 10 Universal Apps

UWP profile supports uploading and downloading content from HTTP servers using:

  • Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer namespace
  • Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient class
  • System.Net.Http.HttpClient class
  • System.Net.HttpWebRequest class

And downloading content from FTP servers using:

  • Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer namespace

However, there is NO official API to upload content to FTP servers.

However, using Windows.Networking.Sockets it is easy to create an FTP client to do uploads.

On this GitHub project you will find a simple example of how to upload a file to an FTP server.

Features included:

  • Connect to FTP server.
    • Using a user name and a password.
    • Using anonymous authentication.
  • Upload of byte[] arrays.
  • Download of byte[] arrays.

Pending features:

  • Add SSL/TLS support. This will allow secure FTP downloads, a feature currently not supported in Windows Runtime.
  • Add methods to upload or download System.IO.FileStream objects. Currently you have to convert to byte[].
  • Add methods to upload Windows.Storage.Streams.IInputStream objects. Currently you have to convert to byte[].
  • Add methods to download Windows.Storage.Streams.IOutputStream objects. Currently you have to convert from byte[].


FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs:

Give it a try and leave your feedback.

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