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"Use Current Location" AlertView dismissal #149

Biclops opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I read the discussion you had with gorbster in this post

I've tried using Gorbsters post but I'm still determined to get it to work via stepToTapViewWithAccessibilityLabel.

For whatever reason it can't find the OK button on the alertview when CoreLocation is used.


It seems like that the alert view for using the current location may be special.!topic/kif-framework/_MffdyvMizU

There is a claim that is made that the alertView is not within the view hierarchy.

Though I still have trouble dismissing alertViews. I don't know if this makes a difference but the alertview that I'm using only has one button on it.


Closing since dismissing system alert views is impossible. It is safest to mock these services as discussed in the post.

@bnickel bnickel closed this

Is this still happening as of iOS 7?

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