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Syslog facility for JBoss AS 7
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Syslog facility for JBoss AS 7.1

Please note that JBoss EAP 6.1 contains a syslog module, which makes this addition obsolete.

Compile the jar file with maven: mvn package

Unzip the archive created in the target/zip folder at $JBOSS_HOME/modules.

Modify the JBoss configuration in standalone/configuration/standalone.xml like this:

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:logging:1.1">
    <custom-handler name="SYSLOG" class="x1.jboss.syslog.SyslogHandler" module="x1.jboss-syslog">
        <level name="INFO"/>
            <property name="loghost" value="localhost"/>
            <property name="application" value="jboss-as7"/>
            <property name="facility" value="daemon"/>
        <level name="INFO"/>
            <handler name="CONSOLE"/>
            <handler name="FILE"/>
            <handler name="SYSLOG"/>

Valid properties are:

  • loghost: hostname or IP address of the log server (default: localhost)
  • port: port of the log server (default: 514)
  • protocol: udp (default) or tcp
  • application: name of the application (default: java)
  • facility: name of the syslog facility (default: daemon)
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