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Filezoo manual
Filezoo is a file manager that displays the filesystem hierarchy as a zoomable list of files and directories.
Command line:
filezoo.exe [options] [directory]
Starts Filezoo in [directory] with the given [options].
--panel Start in panel mode.
--quit Quit after drawing the first frame.
--panel-bg Set the panel background to the given X color.
User interface:
Breadcrumb bar: ("/home/username/")
Click on a directory name to navigate there.
Sort bar: (Sort Type Name Size Date)
Click on a sort label to sort the directory entries by that property.
Directories are always before files.
There is no need to have a reversed sort as both ends of the list take an
equal time to access.
Type sorts alphabetically by the file extension.
Name sorts alphabetically by the file name.
Size sorts largest first.
Date sorts newest first.
Size bar: (Size Flat Size Date Entries Total)
Click on a size label to set the relative sizes of the directory entries
according to that property.
Flat makes the entries equally sized.
Size makes large files appear larger.
Date makes newer entries appear larger.
Entries makes directories with several entries appear larger.
Total makes large directories appear larger.
Address bar: [ ][Downloads][Home]
Click on the Home-button to navigate to the home directory.
Click on the Downloads-button to navigate to the $HOME/downloads directory.
Type a filename to the address bar and press enter to open the file.
Enter a directory name to navigate to that directory.
Type a shell command to execute that command.
Prefix the command with a ! to explicitly execute it in case there is
a file having the same name as the command.
Type a website address to open it in a new Firefox tab.
Type a ? followed by a search query to Google in a new Firefox tab.
Left mouse button
Unreadable item to zoom it to readable size
Directory to navigate in it
File to open it
Ctrl-click to select files and directories
Shift-click to select a range of files in a single directory
Alt-click to clear selection
Drag to pan
Release mouse button when panning to throw
Press mouse button to stop throw
Ctrl-drag to drag and drop
Moves by default
Ctrl-shift-drag to copy
Ctrl-alt-drag to ask
Right mouse button
Show context menu for the clicked item
Middle mouse button / wheel button
Drag up and down to pan
Drag left and right to zoom
Mouse wheel
Scroll forwards to zoom in
Scroll backwards to zoom out
Clear selection
Close panel window if nothing selected
Navigate to home directory
Navigate to parent directory
Move selection to trash
Copy selection to clipboard
Use to copy selected files
Cut selection to clipboard
Use to move selected files
Paste clipboard contents to current directory
If clipboard doesn't contain files, asks whether to create a new file
from the clipboard contents.