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BUG added: [257da20f2994] autoclose called when rebasing

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1 parent b0e8918 commit 3f83294ac757f088307f4759c380fb37b804dcd3 @mfp mfp committed Feb 11, 2009
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+title: autoclose called when rebasing, leading to conflicts
+status: OPEN
+reported by:
+date: 2009-02-11 16:35:06+0100
+author: Mauricio Fernandez
+assigned to:
+-- opened by Mauricio Fernandez on 2009-02-11 16:35:06+0100
+Problem description:
+When doing a rebase, autoclose kicks in after each commit is re-applied,
+resulting in a conflict in the bug (different close date).
+How to reproduce:
+git rebase -i some_commit_before_an_autoclosed_bug
+Proposed solution:
+Somehow detect when we're in the middle of a rebase. git knows that, so it
+must be creating some file in .git.

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