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A scaffold to speed up launching a flask project, set up with minimal dependencies.

You can just remove LICENSE, .git/, and .vscode/ files if you don't need them.

There is no silver bullet, so if other libraries or practice are preferred, you can add or change anything as you like.


  • Python 3.7+

  • Poetry

  • (Optional) Docker and docker compose

Main features

  • APIFlask
  • Blueprint templates to organize directory structure
  • Colorful logger in terminals, stolen from tornado
  • Gunicorn aiohttp server for production use
  • Integrated with static analysis and lint tools like mypy, black, flake8 and git hook tool pre-commit
  • Default Github Actions and Heroku configuration

Common tasks

Create virtual environment with dependencies

python3 -m venv venv && source venv/bin/activate && poetry install

Specify development config (with debug mode on)

export FLASK_ENV=development

Run development flask server

flask run

Run development gunicorn server with aiohttp worker

gunicorn -b :5000 aioapp:aioapp -k aiohttp.worker.GunicornWebWorker --reload

Run production gunicorn server


Build docker image

docker build .

Run with docker compose

docker-compose up --build

Format Python code with black

black . --exclude venv

Run git pre-commit hooks

pre-commit run --all-files