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simple bot that says hello and MP rules. Built with nodejs and the discordjs library.


  • You need git and nodejs on your system

  • create a user bot It will have a bot ID and a bot token.

    You can find all that on the discord website :

  • Then authorize your bot to your discord with this link :

    (where BOT_ID is replaced by your bot id)

  • Find your id by right-clicking yourself and click copy ID in the menu

  • You must then create a config file named config.json like so :

      "botToken": "",
      "adminId": "245646465465"

    (where is replaced by your bot token, and 245646465465 is your personnal discord id).

⚠️ your bot token is private, don't share it


# clone the repo and go into the folder
git clone && cd hello-bot

# install the required modules (discord.js here)
npm install

# start the bot
node bot

Video explaining the code (in french)

youtube video link