Digital wall clock, or a bed-side clock, or whatever type of clock you like, equipped with a rotary encoder knob, a photo resistor able to aid in adjusting brightness as it changes throughout the day. The clock can be equipped with an optional strip of neo pixels – for some extra color. Works with Arduino Uno, Nano, Mini Pro, as well as Teensy.
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Auto-Dimming Clock with Seven-Segment Digital Display

This is a repo for a series of related clocks I made for myself and friends. They range from mid-sized bed clocks to wall clocks, some have RGB lights, some do not, etc.

Typically clocks are controlled with a rotary encoder knob (the type that also has a button).

This clock has been build with Teensy, Arduino Nano and Pro Micro.


The clock is equipped with:

  • light sensor (beneath the rotary knob) which automatically adjust brightness by up to 50% in either direction, depending on the light around (it is attached to a 10K resistor).
  • rotary knob with a built-in button functionality
  • 3 "neo pixel" RGB LEDs (optional)
  • Adafruit 7-segment I2C display for the time display

Additional features include:

  • WiFi card
  • Humidity/Temperature sensor
  • Potentiometer for adjusting the range of affect of the photo-sensor.

The enclosure you see on the picture is made from 1/8" acrylic using matte black color, and semi-transparent black for the front panel.

Clock Front View


When the switch turns on, the clock is on. The time is stored on Teensy backed by a 3.3V battery, and uses a crystal soldered on the bottom of Teensy.

When the clock is running, you can:

  • Press single click rotary knob turns on/off neo pixel strip
  • Press double click rotary knob turns off/on 7-segment display
  • moving rotary knob in this mode changes the brightness. There are 16 total values for brightness, from 0 to 15.
  • press and hold enters the menu to set the time
    • Once in the menu setup, rotating the knob changes the current hour. When done, click the knob once.
      • If during either hour or minutes setup you rather cancel this process, double click the button.
    • Now change the minutes, and when ready click the knob once.
    • Now the time will be set and saved, and configuration mode is finished.


Supplied with Teensy:

  • Wire
  • DS1307RTC
  • Adafruit_GFX
  • Time

Additional dependencies:

Clock Top View


If there is interest, I can describe in more detail how the hardware is put together, so please create an issue on github to register your interest.

For the time being, here is a high zoom shot into the land of wires and neatly arranged pieces :)

Clock Inside View


(c) 2015 Konstantin Gredeskoul,

Distributed under MIT license, see LICENSE.