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DnsMadeEasy Cookbook

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This cookbook builds atop of the dnsmaseeasy ruby gem, and offers DNS record management through several Chef resources with well defined actions. The cookbook automatically detects an existing record with the same attributes and does nothing if no attributes change.


Credentials Management

  • dnsmadeeasy_credentials_file — installs ~/.dnsmadeeasy/credentials.yml file on a remote machine if necessary, optionally can use encrypted api key and secret.

WARNING! This resource is provided to install a credentials YAML file on a remote host, optionally encrypted using the ruby gem sym.

This resource is mostly provided for testing purposes, and is not recommended to use in production. You don't need to deploy credentials on remote host in order to be able to manage DNS records.

The recommended approach is to store your API key and secret in an encrypted data bag or Hashi Corp Vault, and fetch it just before you need to query or update DnsMadeEasy.

DNS Record Management

The following resources are available:

  • dnsmadeeasy_record — a generic record without value validation.
  • dnsmadeeasy_record_A — an A record that validates value to be IPv4 address.
  • dnsmadeeasy_record_CNAME — a CNAME record that validates value to be a valid hostname.

The following actions are available:

  • create
  • update
  • delete



You can create a credentials file on a remote server, if you need to perform DNS operations outside of Chef.

Here is how:

# We need to set our API key/secret somewhere.
# Future versions will support encrypted data bag.

@api_key    = '134324....239f9120f'
@api_secret = 'afa998....1ffg99999'
@encr_key   = ENV['ENCRYPTION_KEY']

dnsmadeeasy_credentials_file 'my-corp' do
  api_key @api_key
  api_secret @api_secret
  encryption_key @encr_key
  action :create


Use this to create, update, or delete an A record.

# Let's assign this server hostname '':

dnsmadeeasy_record_A 'app001' do
  domain ''
  value node['ipaddress']
  api_key @api_key
  api_secret @api_secret
  encryption_key @encr_key
  ttl 90
  action :create


This resource creates/updates/deletes CNAMEs to other hosts:

# Let's add this server's name to the CNAME www.
# This would only work, if server's name has been added as a valid A record
# also.
dnsmadeeasy_record_CNAME www do
  domain ''
  value node['name']
  api_key @api_key
  api_secret @api_secret
  encryption_key @encr_key
  ttl 90
  action :create


After checking out the repo, run bundle and berks to install dependencies.

Then, run chef exec rspec to run the unit tests.

To run integration tests:

kitchen create
kitchen converge

For both sets of tests to pass, you must set the DME_KEY environment variable that decrypts the credentials.

Most likely, you'll want to use your own account keys instead.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


DNS record management cookbook for automatically registering nodes with DnsMadeEasy provider.




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