Collection of Arduino libraries and wrappers, written and used in various live projects. Most of the libraries hide some complexity and encapsulate a consistent approach to the *thing*, be that measuring a sensor, working with a rotary knob, etc.
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Kiguino – Arduino Libs, Sketches and Useful Things

I've organized things as much as possible for complete clarity.

  • sketches is where my sample, experimental, live/production, etc sketches live.
  • libraries is where my shareable libraries, that do lots of useful things are located. Most libs contain their own, but if not read the comments of the .cpp or .h file for details.


Libraries are provided with a simple shell script that should work on Mac OS-X or Linux, or Windows with Cygwin. Simply run the installer, and pass your Arduino library path as the first argument. The installer will create symlinks, so make sure to keep the github repo when yuo checked it out. If you move it, just re-run installer again.

cd ~/Documents/Arduino
git clone
cd kiguino/arduino/libraries
../../install ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries

Or for Teensy3:

cd ~/Documents/Arduino/kiguino/teensy3/libraries
../../install ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries


© 2014 Konstantin Gredeskoul, @kigster on github, @kig on twitter

Distributed under MIT License.