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A command for closing the nearest open HTML tag when pressing the "/" key in Sublime Text 2
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This is a command for Sublime Text 2 that is meant to be bound to the slash
("/") key in order to semi auto close open HTML tags (in part inspired by the
discussion at
Requires build 2111 or later of Sublime Text 2.

1. Put the file into the User folder in your Sublime
   Text 2 Packages folder
   (~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/User on Mac OS X)

2. Select Sublime Text 2 > Preferences > Key Bindings - User from the main menu

3. Add the following to the keymap file (inside the square brackets) and then
   save it:
   { "keys": ["/"], "command": "close_tag_on_slash" }

4. Done! :)
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