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Improve flashing instructions

- More details about entering flash mode
- How to exit flash mode
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1) Flip your K-Type over.
2) With the keys down you should see a small hole on the left side in the middle of the board.
3) While the keyboard is plugged in, use a paperclip or other small object to press the button inside the case.
- TIP: you can also configure a key combination to enter flash mode. On the default layout it's Fn-ESC.
4) If the LEDs turn off and you see the amber light in the diffuser on the lower right (when looking at the top) it is now in flash mode.
- Note: on some keyboards there is no amber light indication (there are no leds at all in flash mode)

#### Failsafe mode

In case the keyboard cannot load the flashed firmware it will go into failsafe mode. In this state the keyboard is unresponsive, but can still enter flash mode:
1) Unplug an replug the USB cable
2) Press the flash button (as described above) twice in a row

### Exiting Flash Mode

Press ESC or unplug the keyboard.

The keyboard exists flash mode automatically after a successful flash.

#### [K-Type Flashing Video Tutorial](

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