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kll - keyboard layout language

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If you're trying to compile keyboard firmware, you want THIS

KLL Compiler

Most current version of the KLL Spec.

Uses funcparserlib


Dependencies can be installed manually, or by using a pipenv.

pipenv install
pipenv run kll/kll --version


pip install layouts


General Usage

kll <kll files>

Kiibohd Controller Usage

kll <misc kll files> --config <config/capability kll files> --base <basemap kll files) --default <default layer kll files> --partial <partial layer 1 kll files> --partial <partial layer 2 kll files>

See kll --help for the most up to date documentation

Unit Tests

Unit tests can be found in the tests directory. They are run by Travis-CI, but can be useful when testing your own changes.

Remember to add new tests when adding new features/changes.

Code Organization

  • kll/common - Main portion of KLL compiler.
  • kll/emitters - Various output formats of the KLL compiler.
  • kll/examples - Example kll files, often used for test cases.
  • kll/extern - External libraries, copied into git repo for convenience.
  • kll/layouts - Layout kll files used for various keyboards and tests.
  • kll/templates - Templates used by emitters when generating output.
  • tests - Unit tests for the KLL compiler.


Completely welcome :D

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