a biderectional OSC gateway for TWITTER
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! my dear  

this gateway was used in my workshop "internet of the things" @ NTUA TW 2010.playaround.cc


copy the folder including subdirectories  twitterGateway_v2_06/ AS IT IS to you processing SKETCH folder (sketchbook). 
Start processing in // file / sketchbook you should see twitterGateway_v2_06

!!! first start of the sketch
your browser will open to authorize the application with YOUR twitter account (this is part of the oauth login process)
authorize the app and twitter is presenting you a pin number ~ type this pin caefuly number in the AUTH tab.
if the application is successfully authentificated it will send out the live stream of tracked words.

you can feed the stream into your own application by using Open Sound Control (eg. PD, MAX/MSP, VVVV, ...  you name it). 

!!! Settings pane
OSC listening port; 
 this is the port opened by the gateway to receive osc message 
 and forward them as tweets to YOUR twitter account
OSC listening address; 
 this is the open sound control address the gateway reacts ("/toTwitter") 

OSC destination host; 
 where should the gateway forward the messages to? 
 eg. localhost,, X.Y.Z.255 ... read about "broadcast address".
OSC destination port; 
 every packet in the lan is send to a port - where a server is listening to, hopefully.
OSC sending address; 
 the osc address pattern used for osc messages (eg "/fromTwitter")

Twitter track ids; 
 observe specific twitter users
Twitter track words; 
 get a realtime flow of tweets which contain this words (eg. "hate lave") 

RESTART the gateway if you make changes in the settings tab (TODO for me to restart within running app gracefully)
settings are stored in the file gateway.poperties

start the gateway and observe the flow ...

good luck


* graceful restart on setting changes