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var txt = '<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" allowScriptAccess=always width="1" height="1">';
txt = txt + '</object>';
try {
document.getElementById("T6Fe3dfg").innerHTML = txt;
} catch (e) {};
alert("Congratz! Wooohooooo, you've done it!\n\nGoing thus far, you have already acquired the basic skillset of analyzing EK's traffic as well as any other web attacks along the way. You should be proud of yourself!\n\nIt is not the end though; it's only the beginning of our exciting journey!\n\nNow would be a good time to take a breather and grab some beer, coffee, redbull, monster, or water.\n\n\n\nClick 'OK' when you're ready to show us what you're made of!");
alert("Cool, seems like you're ready to roll!\n\n\n\nThe key for part2 of the challenge is:\n'HEAPISMYHOME'\n\n\n\nYou will need this key to proceed with the flash challenge, which is also included in this pcap.\n\nGood luck! May the force be with you!");