D snippets for the SnipMate Vim plugin (Text-mate like snippets for Vim)
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D-SnipMate is a snippet file adding D language support to the SnipMate plugin for the Vim text editor. SnipMate adds TextMate-like snippets for Vim.

D-SnipMate is released under the Boost License.


This is a snippet file I created for my own usage. It is quite heavy and might be obtrusive for some (e.g. there are many 2-character snippets) .

Due to a SnipMate bug (or maybe a SnipMate + my specific Vim configuration bug, I don't know) , every snippet is made so that slots later on a line are accessed before slots earlier on the line. E.g;

foreach(${2:var}; ${1:iterable})

Instead of:

foreach(${1:var}; ${2:iterable})

To install D-SnipMate, copy the d.snippets file to the snippets directory in your Vim directory. Of course, you need to have SnipMate installed first.