the relationship ... to ensure unity of purpose
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#What is Liaison?

a binding ... agent

a close bond or connection

one that establishes and maintains communication for mutual understanding and cooperation


... a means of communication between different ... units ...

One that maintains communication

the relationship ... to ensure unity of purpose

##Summary An in-memory mediator written in c#. Inspired by nimbus.

Nimbus is bloated and lacks clarity. Liaison seeks balance.

The goal is to isolate the units from each other and separate the organization of the units from the units themselves.

##Rules of engagement

How do we keep from going off the reservation and making spaghetti in our Subscriptions?

  • Handlers will have 0 or 1 dependencies.
  • The 1 dependency will be the mediator or a fully constructed singleton.
  • Prefer a derivation of the singleton - store.OpenSession().
  • The singleton should generally be from another library - i.e. persistence lib.
  • Handlers will have void/Unit return type or the same return type specified in the Subscribe.


//app start
mediator.Subscribe<PostRequest, PostGetViewModel>(message =>
	var result = new PostGetViewModel();
	result = new FilteredPostVault().Handle(message, result);
	result = new MarkdownContentStorage(root).Handle(message, result);
	return result;

//somewhere else
var result = _mediator.Send<PostRequest, PostGetViewModel>(message);