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web application instrumenting JBoss 7 to provide resource metrics to JBison

  1. Deploy the war file (copy into JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments)

  2. Start JBoss

  3. Navigate to to gather metrics for the ExampleDS data source

  4. Deploy another data source (via mysql-ds.xml) and navigate to

  5. Create a JSON monitor in JBison ( to monitor the metrics exposed by buffalo

More details on my blog

It is possible to collect one particular metric of all data sources, for example the number of available connections in the pool: Available parameters are:

  • ActiveCount
  • AvailableCount
  • AverageBlockingTime
  • AverageCreationTime
  • CreatedCount
  • DestroyedCount
  • MaxCreationTime
  • MaxUsedCount
  • MaxWaitTime
  • TimedOut
  • TotalBlockingTime
  • TotalCreationTime

Or the number of Prepared Statement Cache Access: Available parameters are:

  • PreparedStatementCacheAccessCount
  • PreparedStatementCacheAddCount
  • PreparedStatementCacheCurrentSize
  • PreparedStatementCacheDeleteCount
  • PreparedStatementCacheHitCount
  • PreparedStatementCacheMissCount

The JVM memory stats are available at:

The JVM memory pool stats are available at:{name}/{type}

where {name} is:

  • Par_Eden_Space
  • CMS_Old_Gen
  • Par_Survivor_Space
  • CMS_Perm_Gen
  • Code_Cache

where {type} is:

  • collection-usage-threshold
  • collection-usage-threshold-count
  • usage
  • peak-usage
  • collection-usage

The Thread usage metrics are available at:

The http/https connector metrics are available at:

The JMS metrics are available at: