A simple socket client for PHP 5.2+, bundled with a collection of useful client libraries.
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A Simple Socket Client for PHP 5.2+

This library contains one class, SimpleSocketClient, that implements a generic
socket client. You can either inherit this class or use instances of this class
to write client libraries for any modern text-based protocol.

Fully featured client libraries, included as examples:

  * Clamd
  * HTTP
  * Memcached
  * Redis


  * Socket creation, reading, and writing (of course).
  * Lazy loading : will not connect until actually needed.
  * Automatically deal with end-of-line CRLF sequences.
  * Basic key validation and command building helper methods.

Public methods:

  * __construct($host, $port, $timeout = 5)
  * connect()
  * disconnect()
  * read($bytes, $autonewline = true, $trim = true)
  * readline($trim = true)
  * write($string, $autonewline = true)
  * validate_key($key)
  * build_command()

License: MIT License.