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The LARP Character Generator is a PHP/MySQL system for managing live-action roleplaying games. It was designed for use with games based on the Accelerant rules system, but the framework can be adapted to a variety of other systems.

For more information and features, see:

Character Generator v2.0 is currently in beta. Zombies:Aftershock and Lione Crusades are using customized versions of the new system.

Feel free to grab the code and run with it, but it's a beta--leave plenty of time for testing!

IMPORTANT: The Generator is offered as-is. Use at your own risk. I strongly recommend that you have someone knowledgeable in PHP/MySQL install and administer the system, especially if you plan to customize it.

I'm happy to provide installation and customization services on a paid basis. Please note that I do not offer ongoing support. I recommend joining the Google Group for help from fellow users.


If you encounter bugs, usability issues, or other unexpected behavior, please add an issue on the Issues tab. It's helpful if you tag the issue with your game name and anything else relevant.

The more detail you provide in the issue (steps to reproduce the problem, hosting platform, CG version, browser(s) used, etc) the faster and easier it will be to track down and fix.

Better yet, fix the problem yourself and send a pull request!

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