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busted-stable rock

Easily install a stable version of busted

Deprecated and unmaintained

The problem mentioned on the "Why" section seems to have improved and installing busted is not difficult any more. This project is now deprecated and unmaintained.


Install luarocks.


$ luarocks install busted-stable

That will install a working version of busted. You don't need to remember 1.11.1-1 or cliargs versions.


As of the time of this writing, the busted version in luarocks is unstable, and it has been for ~300 days.

This means that if you installed it with:

$ luarocks install busted

You got a broken version of the rock (and you have gotten that for the last 300 days or so).

The solution used to be installing an older version of busted:

$ luarocks install busted 1.11.1-2

Unfortunately, this has stopped being enough. Recently the stable version of busted was broken by a non-backwards compatible update in lua_cliargs.

So now, in order to get a working busted command, you have to install an older version of lua_cliargs too:

$ luarocks install lua_cliargs 2.3-3
$ luarocks install busted 1.11.1-2

I eventually grew tired of all this, so I have created this rock. It allows you to do this instead:

$ luarocks install busted-stable

Have a good day!