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The objective of this tutorial is teaching you how to use LÖVE to create a tile-based level with a moving character, collisions and scrolling.

This tutorial is divided on 4 main parts, and each of those in several sections, or “steps”.

Most people will want to start on part 1 (Tiles). If you are not familiar with Lua or LÖVE itself, start on part 0 (Basic stuff)


0. Basic stuff

This part covers the basis of LÖVE and Lua. If you are new to the engine or the language, you should start here. If you already know Lua and have a solid understanding of LÖVE, you can skip to chapter 1.

a) Basic Concepts
b) Tables
c) Loops
d) Strings

1. Tiles

This first part of the tutorial concentrates on loading and drawing the tiles themselves.

a) Quads and Images
b) Tables and Loops
c) More tables
d) Strings
e) Functions
f) Files
g) Global Variables

2. Entities

This part deals with objects, the player, and basic collision.

3. Scrolling (temporary name)

What this part will cover is still uncertain. It will quite probably involve scrolling.

About the art

The images appearing on this tutorial were initially created by Silveira Neto and his OpenPixels projects:

Thanks to him for providing the artistic muscle I lack.

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