A set of middleclass add-ons that make it easier to use in some cases
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This is a set of additions to middleclass.


middleclass-extras was made for middleclass 1.x and it’s not under development any more.

middleclass 2.x has some features that make it incompatible with middleclass-extras.

middleclass-extras is being (slowly) re-done as a series of smaller libs. Right now, the only one completely finished is Stateful:

Other libraries might follow, but it might just take time. Sorry about that.

Module brief description

What follows is a brief description of each of the middleclass-extras modules. Each nodule is commented out with usage examples. You can find more examples on the /spec/ folder.

  • Apply allows invoking a method in all the instances of a class (and its subclasses). It also allows sorting before executing.
  • Beholder is a small signaling/event controller mixin. Your classes can ‘observe’ and ‘stop observing’ events. Note that Invoker must be required before Beholder, or the later will not work.
  • Branchy defines some useful methods for classes that behave like trees (addChild, getAncestors, etc)
  • Callbacks is a powerful mixin that allows you to add ‘hooks’ to any existing method. For example, you can specify on runtime that you want to call a method after initializing one object.
  • GetterSetter just adds a couple convenience getXXX, setXXX methods to your class.
  • Indexable allows classes to have a ‘fallback’ method, similar to lua’s __index metamethod. Since __index is reserved, the method used for lookup will be index, whithout underscores.
  • Invoker is a very small mixin that can be used to ‘send’ methods to instances. It’s main advantage is that it accepts both method names and lua functions on its parameters.
  • Stateful defines stateful objects. Classes receive a new method called addState, and instances receive a new method called gotoState. The behaviour of each of the instance methods can be redefined per-state.


The recommended way is using git.

In order to use middleclass-extras, you also need middleclass. You can download them both by doing:

cd your/project/path
git clone git://github.com/kikito/middleclass.git
git clone git://github.com/kikito/middleclass-extras.git

Alternatively, you can manually download them:


middleclass-extras is prepared to be required right after middleclass:



  • You can remove the .init part from middleclass if you are using middleclass as a file (middleclass.lua) instead of as a dir (middleclass/)
  • You can remove the .init part on both requires if your package.path setting already includes ?/init.lua


You may find the specs for this library in middleclass-specs