SHA-1 secure hash computation, and HMAC-SHA1 signature computation in Lua (5.1)
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This pure-Lua module computes SHA-1 and HMAC-SHA1 signature computations in Lua 5.1.


local sha1 = require 'sha1'

local hash_as_hex   = sha1(message)            -- returns a hex string
local hash_as_data  = sha1.binary(message)     -- returns raw bytes

local hmac_as_hex   = sha1.hmac(key, message)        -- hex string
local hmac_as_data  = sha1.hmac_binary(key, message) -- raw bytes


This is a cleanup of an implementation by Eike Decker -,

Which in turn was based on an original implementation by Jeffrey Friedl -

The original algorithm is


This version, as well as all the previous ones in which is based, are implemented under the MIT license (See license file for details).


The specs for this library are implemented with busted. In order to run them, install busted and then:

cd path/to/where/the/spec/folder/is