A list of Packer and Vagrant files for oracle products
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A list of Packer and Vagrant files for oracle products.

This is work in progress, and I will be updating this page.

What's new??

March-2015, added packer-make

Check packer-make that is a packer workflow driven by make!

November-2014, racattack-ansible-oracle

Rac with Vagrant and Ansible

The project has his own repo, please go to github.com/racattack/racattack-ansible-oracle

This is a full un-attended zero-to-oracle-rac using vagrant and ansible.

April-2014, racattack with Vagrant

The project has his own repo, please go to github.com/racattack/vagrant/file/tree/master/OracleLinux

This is an un-attended VM creation for Oracle RAC, it doesn't install any Oracle Grid/DB software, however it does all the heavy lifting to just run runInstaller

February-2014, added oracle rac made easy with Vagrant !

Check vagrant/rac, a somewhat scripted rac installation, this was used as base for racattack automation

Why this project?

This is a Yet Another Packer or Vagrant page.

After checking around what's available, just found examples and machines related to other EL or debian/ubuntu linux.

This collection of files will be focused on Oracle Linux, Oracle VirtualBox as main base products.

On top of these products, will be integrating scripts to deploy Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Asm, Oracle Database and other products.


For quick start:

For custom build:


This is a project of Make driven packer build

Please check packer-make for instructions and times


  • Clone this project:

      $ git clone https://github.com/kikitux/packer-vagrant-oracle.git
  • Or download this project as zip file

Getting Started

For the impatient one, please skip to Vagrant section to get a environment up and running in no time.

Oracle Linux ISO files

ol iso in dropbox



###Customization of the Vagrantfile