Script to install pypy, numpypy and jupyter in your `$HOME`
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Script to install pypy, numpypy and jupyter in your $HOME directory.


  • virtualenv (tested with python 3.5 and virtualenv 13.0.1)
  • git

Usage of the script

Open a terminal and in the terminal do the following:

(In case you want to test pypy 5.0)

chmod +x

(In case you want to test pypy 5.1.1)

chmod +x

This will create a pypy50 or pypy51 folder, depending what you have chosen to install, with a 64-bits portable pypy (Thanks to Squeaky!!).

On the third line you can pass an argument specifying if you want the 32 or 64 bits version to be installed, e.g., to install the 32 bits version do:

bash 32

By default, if you do not specify an argument it installs the 64 bits version.

WARNING: I have tested it only on a 64-bits debian based linux. If you find errors, please, open an issue.

After creating the pypy5X folder it will add some commands to your .bashrc that will add a pypy executable to the path. The new pypy executable will be created in a new bin folder created at your $HOME.

After that, virtualenv will create a new virtualenv called pypyvenv in the recently created bin directory and it will install numpypy (here it needs git) and jupyter with all its dependencies.

Running pypy

pypy should be accesible for your user from a terminal:


Running pypy, numpypy and jupyter from the virtualenv

Open a terminal and do the following:

. ~/bin/pypyvenv/bin/activate

Your prompt should be something like:


To run jupyter:

jupyter notebook

To deactivate the virtualenv just do:


Uninstalling all

In case you want to undo the work made by the script just do the following:

rm  ~/bin/pypy
rm -fr ~/bin/pypyvenv/

and remove the folder where the portable pypy is that should be named pypy50 or pypy51 depending if you installed pypy 5.0 or pypy 5.1.1, respectively:

rm -fr ~/pypy50


rm -fr ~/pypy51

And edit your .bashrc to remove the lines:

# Added path to include pypy by tornado
export PATH=[...........]