A lumen boilerplate with Auth, GraphQL & Relay Modern, a ready to go API for your React, VueJS applications
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This project it's no longer maintained in favor of v2 of nuwave/lighthouse. You can find an example implementation for lumen on: https://github.com/kikoseijo/lumen-lighthouse-graphql

Laravel´s Lumen GraphQL Server for Relay Modern

This example uses https://github.com/Folkloreatelier/laravel-graphql, its a Relay Modern implementation of a PHP GraphQL Server / endpoints, a Laravel´s minimized version, its core its a fast micro-framework implementation (Lumen), and capable of delivering GraphQL (Relay) API responses.

React-Relay Modern, aka GraphQL v1.*

Index of content


On this Lumen version of a GraphQL server implementation you will be able to start coding right away a fully qualified GraphQL server with support for react-relay (Modern version).

With a Laravel heart, on his delighting micro-framework version (Lumen) and a help of a couple of other packages/plugins, we provide you with the basic server setup.

Why Lumen? and why PHP?

Why not my little Artisan? PHP limitations today for a GraphQL server are asynchronous calls, but this are problems PHP programmers been dealing with since the old days, the missing part are the GraphQL subscriptions, this can be resolved using lots of tools, like Redis or NodeJS.

PHP never been so optimized like it is today, its stable, fast and efficient. And Lumen?, because its a masterpiece, a lightweight version of Laravel, sharing same core and data structure. Perfect for building APIs.

For little Artisan like myself this is the perfect atmosphere to understand how things are achieved.

Who is this for?

People wanting to get hands dirty with GraphQL, to serve as a boilerplate to kick-off API projects, a knowledge of Laravel its recommended, at a installation level, not covered here.

Included features

  • Full CRUD example.
  • GraphQL Playground.
  • Database migrations.
  • GraphQl database schema generator and endpoint.
  • User authentication using Passport.
  • Ready to start after setup!

Client Web App

If you work with React we have published for you an application, there you can test all demo features, its a React + Relay based Web App. This is probably best way to have a full picture of what Relay its capable off, in my opinion, one of the best facebook´s open sourced contribution and React´s best friend. 💑

Visit the React Relay - WebApp client.


When building this boilerplate the package able to supercharge Lumen with GraphQL had bugs, untill this gets fixed, use my forked repo, or read the PR with the fix to adjust yours.

1 . Change path repo for this:

Configure # package.json with this repo, replace the "path" for this.

"repositories": [
    "type": "csv",
    "url": "https://github.com/kikoseijo/laravel-graphql"

PR with the fix in case you want to make it yourself.

Due to development and understand code i use a path repo, read logs and so...

2 . Configure your database laravel way, using .env

If you don´t know how to pass this point, head over to Laravel and start there, come back after.

3 . Setup a valid key for encryption to work



Go to your seeder and adjust your user login, migrate and seed the database.

Ready to go?, so, lets go!

How to use

There is a full crud structure ready to show you how creation, deletion and update of records are done, its a simple TODO structure, single table, no relationships, but, you have the user 1:n with the Todo table. This are called Connections on the GraphQL world.

By browsing to /schema.json you can retrieve the latest version of your .json schema. This is needed for the GraphQL client. We wont go into this, its up to you to find more information about it.

Thanks to laravel-graphql you are also able to test your endpoints and queries using the bundled client, just by browsing to /graphql.

Query examples endpoints

Here are couple of examples, this are GraphQL queries and mutations, you can find couple more examples in the /docs folder of this repo.


Using Laravel Passport we are able to generate token based auth method, you can build more complex methods, this is one of them.

mutation {
  login(email: "kiko@example.com", password: "secret") {
    user {

To access Authenticated routes you must include the Bearer token in your requests, after a valid login, the server provides you a token, use this token to authenticate your GraphQL Client adding an HTTP Header with the following structure:

  "Authorization": "Bearer PASTE_HERE_YOUR_TOKEN"

Query with Fragments

One of the coolest features GraphQL+Relay its how queries from different parts of the application are joined by the compiler trying to optimize efficiency.

Queries are pre compiled and validated against the development or production server schema, this gives you an extra layer of compatibility on development stages.

The following Query its in charge of 1. Gets the current logged in user, 2. ask for user todos, 3. tells GraphQL server how and what data we want.

query TodoQuery {
  viewer {

fragment TodoApp_viewer on User {

fragment TodoListFooter_viewer on User {
  completedTodos: todos(status: "completed", first: 2147483647) {
    edges {
      node {

fragment TodoList_viewer on User {
  todos(first: 2147483647) {
    edges {
      node {
    pageInfo {

fragment Todo_todo on Todo {

fragment Todo_viewer on User {

Here you have a picture of this query using the GraphQL Playground App, thats also free to download!

Mutation example

More examples? <<<< click here >>>>

Thats all for now folks!

I kindly invite you to participate with your PR, reporting bugs or any configuration issues you might find, i can guarantee you that will share any stars you give this repo with the people thats done the hard work, because i haven´t, all i did was put couple packages together. 😝


Every plugin has their own plugins, cant put them all in here, i´m only referencing the top level packages for you to have a quick reference to them to learn or ask any issues you might have.


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Created by Kiko Seijo on 2018