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Bulma + Buefy (Sass + VueJs) an OctoberCMS Theme

OctoberCMS free theme to kickstart a website development based on Bulma.io and Buefy with VueJs integrated.

Key Features

  • Integrated with the Bulma.io CSS framework, "Pure CSS", yes!
  • Integrated with Buefy, a VueJS based components based on Bulma structure.
  • Compatible con translatable plugin.
  • Compatible with most the plugins in OctoberCMS.


This is a breeze in OctoberCMS, and you love it!, we all do. 😜


If you want full controll over development and are familiar with NodeJs or the ecosystem with Webpack ES6 and SASS you can checkout its parent project on Github


Important: Enjoy it! Feedbacks welcome.