My Addons to PowerShell ISE that helps with Saving Files, Git Commits & Default Pester Tests
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ISE_Cew is an addon for PowerShell ISE that simplifies the workflow for Script & Module Creation.

CEW stands for Creation Efficency Workflow

It does so by making use of the following required PSDrives



ISE_Cew makes use of Git, Pester & PSScriptAnalyzer and automates the creation of the following

  • Git Repo for the Script or Module that is being worked on - this allows you to then publish (with all the Commit history) to GitHub once you have completed the work on the Script or the Module.

  • Creation of a standard suite of Pester tests based on the included ISE_Cew.default.tests.ps1

  • A set of simple Keyboard Shortcuts to enhance and simplify the overall Script & Module Creation Workflow

    These include

    • Ctrl+Shift+S - Save-AllNamedFiles
    • Ctrl+Alt+S - Save-AllUnnamedFiles -GeneralModuleDetails $psd1
    • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S - Save-CurrentISEFile
    • F6 - AlignEquals
    • F7 - CleanWhitespace