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A tiny utility for Unity3D for graphing a data sets over time.


  1. Add TimeGraph.cs and TimeGraphData.cs source files to your project.
  2. Attach the TimeGraph script to your camera GameObject.

NOTE: the script uses the "OnPostRender()" message to render the graph, and will not work unless attached to a camera.

Public Parameters

These parameters are serialized in the editor, and can be set by modifying the values in the inspector or through code.

  • Enabled (m_enabled) - Boolean, if set to false the graph will not render.
  • Position (m_position) - Vector2, defines the graph position as an offset in pixels from the top left corner.
  • Size (m_size) - Vector2, the size of the graph in pixels ( width, height ).
  • Vertical Range (m_verticalRange) - Vector2, the y value range ( min, max ). Values outside this range will be clamped.
  • Horizontal Entries (m_horizontalEntries) - Int, total number of times to display on the x axis. Value will be automatically clamped to the range of ( 1, m_size.x ). Can never display at once more items than the actual width of the graph ( in which case each item is represented by 1 pixel width ).
  • Baseline Color (m_baselineColor) - Color, defines the color of the graph outline.

Public Methods


  • TimeGraphDataSet() - Creates a new data set.
  • TimeGraphDataSet( Color color ) - Creates a new data set and assigns set color to color.
  • void PushData( float y ) - Pushes a new value into the set.
  • void SetMaxEntries( int maxEntries ) - Sets the maximal number of data entries in the set. Pushing data that would exceed this limit will remove older entires.


  • int AddDataSet( TimeGraphDataSet dataSet ) - Adds the specified data set to the graph and returns it's index.
  • void PushData( float value ) - Pushes specified data to the data set at index 0. If non existent will silently fail.
  • void PushData( int set, float value ) - Pushes specified data to the data set at index denoted by set. If set does not exists will silently fail.


Utility for Unity3D for graphing a data set over time.







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