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Messenger Demo Viewer

Demo Facebook Messenger (bot) interactions without showing personal chats. Hides the sidebar automatically.


By default the sidebar is hidden. Press Ctrl + b or Cmd + b or the menu to toggle it on and off. Use Messenger like you normally do.


Recent downloads for macOS, Windows and Linux available on the website or the releases page on Github


git clone
cd messenger-demo-viewer
npm install

To run development version:

npm run dev

Build your own executables

To create packaged excecutables for all platforms:

npm run package

To create an installer:

# for windows (exe)
npm run dist:win

# for mac (dmg) only available on mac.
npm run dist:mac

# for linux (deb and tar)
npm run dist:lin


Messenger demo viewer is licensed under ISC. It is not affiliated with Facebook or Messenger.