🚗 iOS app for finding public parking lots
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🚗 ParkenDD

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ParkenDD shows you the current parking situation for various European cities, including Dresden, Ingolstadt, Hamburg, Zürich and Aarhus to name a select few. Depending on the available data you can see the current number of available public parking spots as well as their location. For a select number of lots you can also check out forecast information to see if there will be spots available when you arrive.

Features of the app:

  • See the current parking situation for your city at a glance
  • Multiples cities are supported, for a full list look here
  • Display parking lots on a map to see where they are exactly

The backend to ParkenDD is also open source. You're very welcome to help us by integrating further open data into our project so that we can support more cities. See the guide on ParkAPI's project page to get started.

ParkenDD also exists for Android and Windows 10, check out the project page if you're interested.

Pull requests and issue reports for this project are heavily encouraged! Feel free to open an issue should you have any question whatsoever.

If you'd like to have this app translated to your language, you can also help out by having a look at the project on POEditor. We're very interested in having as many languages as possible supported.