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Lightweight threads for Java, with message passing, nio, http and scheduling support.
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Issue #35. Value.merge() assumed two values were equal even if the co…

…nstVal's weren't matching. Fixed, thanks to Andrew Bate.

	modified:   src/kilim/analysis/


Kilim v1.0
Copyright (c) 2006 Sriram Srinivasan.
(kilim _at_

This software is released under an MIT-style licesne (please see the
License file). 

Please see docs/manual.txt and docs/kilim_ecoop08.pdf for a brief

This software depends on the ASM bytecode library (v. 4.x)

To build, you can either run "" on Unix or ant from the top
directory. Run "" or "ant test" to test.

To run an example, type (say)
  java -cp ./classes:$CLASSPATH kilim.examples.Chain 10

Please send comments, queries, code fixes, constructive criticisms to 
kilim _at_

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